Artificial Intelligence

Sophia offers both a Big Data and demand side platform (DSP) that can be integrated with any of your applications. With Sophia’s growing intelligence, all of these tools work together to create a powerful solution for targeting and engaging customers and making decisions informed by real-time data and results.

Sophia focuses on the heart of your business, your customers, that’s why it allows you to:

Gain a better understanding of your customers through the data you own about them, and learn from every interaction they make with you on any channel.

Make real segmentations. Break down your data in as many parts as you want and find new audiences depending on your interests and needs.

Target more wisely. Find new or existing audiences by testing diverse variables you haven’t explored.

Learn about the path to purchase, identify the most common risks along the way, and assess situations in real time.

Take control of your data. Sophia makes it possible to manage and monitor where data comes from and where it goes.

Benefit from recommendations. Sophia constantly learns and discovers new insights that can be turned into action and profit.